How To Be Kind To The Earth

The earth- this planet has been the home of humans for six million years, but have we been a good guest? The answer is no, and we don’t need to look too far to see why. Melting Ice Caps, destruction of wildlife habitats, and massive waste dumps. These are some

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Why Becoming a Mechanic Is a Good Idea

It’s safe to say cars have completely changed our concept of distance. What took our ancestors hours to travel, you can do in 10 minutes while singing aloud to your favorite song. While these machines help make our lives easy, they do need a decent amount of maintenance to keep

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Buying Your First House: 3 Things You Should Know

If you ask a random person what their definition of being comfortable is, owning a house would most likely be mentioned. Shelter is one of the basic necessities of life, and it feels even better when you know it’s yours.  After years of paying rent, a primal urge enters all

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The Fastest Cars On The Planet

By Melvin Chux There’s more to the world of cars besides a trusty old Prius that never goes above 80 mph. Human ingenuity has shown itself repeatedly, and we keep improving on old designs each year. If we were to go back to the mid-21st century, you’d be driving a

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Young boy holding a pet turtle.

Children and Pets: What You Should Know

For most families, the reason they get a pet is the incessant pleas of their doe-eyed kids. For others,  the pet was there first, but the want for real children (pun intended) brought an addition.  Whichever table you fall under, there are certain things you should know before mixing a

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What Is Your Body Telling You?

By Melvin Chux Sick days; no one likes them, but we all have them. While it might seem like an illness came out of the blue, the truth is, the body often warns us. For example, do you remember the extreme headaches and chills you got after a long day

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Competitive Gaming: How to Get Into Esports

If you immersed yourself in gaming as a teenager, more often than not,  you’d have heard a parent say, “ No one is going to pay you to play games all day; go out.”  While we are not encouraging your avoidance of the outside world,  in today’s society, the above

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