Horology and Watch Repair: An Introduction

For centuries humans have sought how to measure time. The need to understand how it can be measured benefited the development of agriculture, astronomy, business, architecture, and in keeping historical records. The ability to measure time is essential to understanding human development and its history.

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Effective Retail Marketing Strategies to Drive Sales

As individuals’ lifestyles improve, the retail industry is also evolving and adopting new trends. Retailers are now developing strategies to improve customer relations and make their stay within the stores smooth. Implementing appropriate marketing tactics is beneficial to the retail business. It creates trust for the goods offered in the

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Sensational Drug Myths You Need to Know Pt. 2

Part two of the drug myths series. Myth: Drugs Lead to All Sorts Of Crime A plethora of sources will tell you drug use leads to crime. However, like most things, the situation is more nuanced than how it’s often presented.  Shima Baradaran Baughman, the Associate Dean of Faculty Research

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NFL Footballs on field for Week 3 NFL Preview article

Week Three NFL Preview and Fantasy Watch

Heading into week 3, after wild finishes in week 2 of the NFL, we’ve been left with a league of middling teams, clear frontrunners, and questions for teams and players alike. The Cardinals and the Dolphins had comeback wins that could have big implications, while around the league there were

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