Competitive Gaming: How to Get Into Esports

If you immersed yourself in gaming as a teenager, more often than not,  you’d have heard a parent say, “ No one is going to pay you to play games all day; go out.”  While we are not encouraging your avoidance of the outside world,  in today’s society, the above statement isn’t true. 

The gaming industry is now worth billions, and Esports is the MMA of gaming; any true enthusiast wants to get in. The hope of going pro, scoring endorsements, and opening the cash floodgates is a dream many spend late nights thinking about. In this article, we’d share information you will find useful in your journey.

The Reality

Determination is needed for any goal you want to achieve. However, being determined will not help you find dragons or leprechauns if you don’t have some magic in you. At some point, most people dream of being famous singers or rappers; there’s a reason not many attempts it.  Some lack faith in themselves (we are not here to talk about these sets of people), while others try and decide they’re not cut out for it.  This is not a bad thing; we all have strengths in different areas. 

It takes a certain level of talent and skill to achieve world-class renown; it is the same in the world of competitive gaming. Tournaments attract talents from all over the world; you might win your neighborhood friends effortlessly, yet find yourself completely decimated in the pro world.

At the end of the day, you’re the best judge of your abilities. Just make sure you try your best before deciding it’s not for you. 

Become a Specialist

Considering how competitive this space is, being a generalist won’t work. An aspiring Pro footballer who wishes to show his talents to the scouts can’t be a striker and a goalkeeper; pick a side!

It’s the same way in the pro gaming world, you gain popularity and reputation in a particular game first. Doing this is going to be tough to begin with, so you can’t afford to have multiple passions. When you’ve made a name for yourself, you can consider playing something else. No matter how you try, most of your fanbase will associate you with the game that launched your career. 

Who Do You Know?

You need connections to go far in any area in life. Even Bill Gates came from a well-to-do family, no doubt this helped with the early funding of his ideas. You’ve bought a gaming rig or console, and started streaming your gameplays, but are you connecting with authority figures in that space?

Your journey to becoming a pro player gets a lot easier if reputable people are in your corner. They can offer useful advice and help with introductions as you expand your connection even more. You should also try to have friendly games with people like this, you’d surely score a few followers from the crowd they’d bring. 


It’s possible to gain fame in the gaming world along with the returns that come with it. Just as it’s possible for anyone who puts in a ton of work, and a little bit of talent to be a movie star. Don’t just work hard, work smart, and your dreams will come true.

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