How To Be Kind To The Earth

The earth- this planet has been the home of humans for six million years, but have we been a good guest? The answer is no, and we don’t need to look too far to see why. Melting Ice Caps, destruction of wildlife habitats, and massive waste dumps. These are some of the ways we’ve repaid our home.

“But I’m just one person?” is a common thought process. Remember that a mob is made of individuals with one mind. When we all play our part, the Earth smiles in return. Here’s how you can help out.

Think Renewable Energy

Life in the 21st century is reliant on energy. From nuclear to fossil-based energy, the list goes on. However, there is one constant; the energy sources often used all have limited amounts. Sure, we’ve been burning fuel for hundreds of years and it seems like it might never run out. But studies have shown there is a limit to the earth’s generosity. 

Besides the matter of losing our beloved combustibles, we have to think of the ozone later. Wasteful power sources cause the most harm to the greenhouse. Renewable options like solar and wind are reliant on what our planet considers good; air and sunshine. 

Try a different car than a gaz-guzzling diesel truck. Switch to solar-based power for your home. These are some of the ways you can conserve energy.

Develop a Habit of Birthing Life

If we took away humans from this planet, it will still sustain itself. Animals breathe out carbon dioxide and the trees take that in and convert it to oxygen. There is plant life and a hospitable space for all creatures. Carnivores don’t lack prey and their numbers can blossom

With our arrival, millions of trees are destroyed. Don’t forget; no one makes an animal specie go extinct like we do. The fact is that, humans are fond of destroying nature. But it doesn’t have to be so. 

It starts with the little things. You could start a garden if you have the space. Be kind to animals and all lifeforms. As you do this, your actions encourage the existence of life. 


The consumer industry is a massive one. But behind the smiles of satisfied customers is a less known story; the number of waste products we create. Have you heard of the garbage island? It’s a literal island made out of garbage, and there are various replicas of this in different locations. In your area, you’ve most likely seen a garbage site that left you feeling dazed. 

Recycling and using bio-degradable packaging is the way forward. When you recycle, the waste product, whether it’s a plastic bottle or a phone will be reused once more. This is one less item in the garbage dumps. 


If our predecessors had developed this mindset, being kind to the earth wouldn’t be a hot topic. Things are not getting better and it’s up to us to play our part. By tackling these problems now we would be creating a better place for the next generation.

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