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Avoiding the Most Common Dental Problems in Children

Knowing that you need to take care of your children’s teeth seems simple, but knowing how is not as intuitive. With the U.S. having some of the worst dental problems in the world among developed nations, and children demonstrating a particularly high risk for things like cavities, tooth decay, and

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12 Ways to Stay Cool Without AC in Your Home

If you’re trying to save money, are without power, or are enduring extreme heat, you can find ways to stay cool without air conditioning (AC) in your home. While heat can make for fun in the sun, the body shouldn’t be exposed to heat for too long, as it’s harmful

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Keep Mosquitos Away the Natural Way

It’s summertime, and the mosquitos are out in full force and ready to ruin your fun. It’s easy to reach for the $20 deep woods bug spray, but just as it’s terrible for mosquitos, it’s also bad for anyone who comes in contact with it. The main component of many

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Nutrition Myths People Still Believe

There are many nutrition myths everyone believes in. Seeing is believing and when we are exposed toideas over and over again, we believe they must be true. This is also known as the illusory truth effect.Here are a couple of successful marketing ideas that have been posing as sound nutrition

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