Cats and Dogs: Tips to Know Before Owning Them

Some people love dogs while others love cats. Once in a while, we come across those who want the best of both worlds, a cat and dog in one home. It’s very common to hear a word of caution if you tell a friend you intend to own these animals together, and it is not without reason. 

Genetically they’re different and it’s expected there would be some friction. In most cases, dogs attack cats on sight. However, it’s not all bad news. If your dog is well trained, and the cat trusts you, there is a big chance they’d get along. In this article, we would look at tips that would fast-track this bonding process. 

They Should Have a Personal Space

Dogs and cat share one particular trait, they love owning territories. You’d often find them proclaiming ownership by marking it with their urine. Even though such activities will not be tolerated inside your home, they still want a place to call theirs. 

Whoever the newbie is, be it the cat or dog, it should be kept away from the other. The simplest way to show these pets which territory is theirs; is by placing their food and water bowls along with the bed in the said location.  

The initial meeting is best done where the newcomer feels safe, if they’re both new it can be done anywhere. The main purpose of giving your pets a personal space is that they would have a place to go when they want to be by themselves.  

Keep a Watchful Eye if One Is Still Young

From a baby to a puppy, we are all vulnerable when we are young. If one of your pets is still small, it’s up to you to be its protector. A young puppy with an older cat can be easily managed because there is very little chance of causing major harm. A kitten with an adult dog is where you should be extra cautious. 

A dog’s big jaws can easily cause severe harm if they happen to close on your cat. Anything that runs can be seen as a prey animal and dogs have a heightened sense of prey drive. A  good understanding of the body language of your pet would be very useful. It will be easy to pick up on the displeasure of your pets. 

Ensuring the kitten or puppy is not left alone is critical at this moment. If you would be going out, put it in an enclosure or find some other alternative. You do not want to come back to see that there was a falling out, especially with one animal lacking survival skills.

Don’t Force Things

Above all, it’s important that you don’t force things. It is not often you see someone that you like at first sight, why should your animals be any different? Mingling should be short and tentative at first, if either of them is visibly showing discomfort remove it from the area. When a pet associates feelings of discomfort with the other it hinders the bonding process. 

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