What Is Your Body Telling You?

By Melvin Chux

Sick days; no one likes them, but we all have them. While it might seem like an illness came out of the blue, the truth is, the body often warns us. For example, do you remember the extreme headaches and chills you got after a long day at the office? So before you down a couple of aspirin and call it a day, maybe you should listen to your body.

Here are common ways the body often tells us something is off. 

You Sweat Easily

Our body uses sweat to regulate its temperature. For example, when you exercise or are in a hot area, your body temperature rises, which tells your brain it needs to cool things down. However, you should be on the lookout if you suddenly sweat excessively. 

Several factors can cause this. First, maybe, you put on weight. The extra body mass might cause your body to turn up the taps. After all, you’re a bigger object that will generate more heat. 

Mouth Odour

Mouth odors are not fun for the person being talked to and the speaker who has to watch people turn away in disgust. Good dental hygiene is the first step to preventing this, but sometimes the problem goes deeper. 

If you use the best toothpaste and mouthwashes but still get told your breath isn’t fresh, you should take a step back and think. For a smoker, the answer isn’t far. The intake of cigarette fumes has been known to cause ulcers in the throat and mouth. This, in turn, could cause mouth odor. 

Gut issues are another underlying cause of bad breath. Do you have issues with heartburn? Stomach acids don’t smell nice, and if they can’t stay down, your mouth won’t either. 


It’s common to feel tired after a strenuous task; this is a sign that your body needs rest. On the other hand, waking up from an 8-hour sleep heavily exhausted is not. You should visit your doctor and ensure you have a clean bill of health. If rest isn’t curing your fatigue, it may be caused by something else.


Nausea can be a pain; you don’t know if you’d vomit or not. Maybe it’s the strong spices at your local taco joint or an unpleasant smell. Whatever the case, recurring feelings of nausea might indicate you have a number of viral infections and should be checked out. 


The loss of bowel control can be embarrassing; you never know when you might need to go again. An irritated intestine and gut is often a common cause, but you should be alert if it persists. Problems like an overactive thyroid, cancer, and excessive alcohol are also popular culprits.


A body is like a car; if you don’t heed its warning signs, don’t be surprised when it breaks down. The warnings it gives us are not precise, and one thing can mean the other. It’s always a good idea to visit the hospital when you feel something is off. 

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