Image of overlapping movie posters.

Movie Poster Collecting: A Guide for Beginners

Everyone loves movies. A great way to collect merchandise and movie collectibles is to buy posters of your favorite films that you can frame and display in your home. For collectors of movie memorabilia, collecting original movie posters is a fun way to own a part of film history. Where

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Antique chair in an older looking room.

Furniture Restoration: How to Get Started

If you are retired or just want to find a fun and rewarding hobby that can make you a little money on the side, you should consider furniture restoration. What is seen as junk on the side of a street or in an alley is a treasure for some. From

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Which Are Better: Print or E-Books?

The wide availability of electronic devices for reading e-books has had an unexpected impact in the publishing world, but which is better; e-books or printed books? It was first predicted that e-books would slowly decrease the demand and commercial viability of print media. The truth is that demand for print

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Is Photography Dying?

For close to 30 years there has been a decline in the sale of film and camera equipment. The invention of the digital camera has been cited, along with the fact most people today use their smartphones to take pictures. So, is photography a dying art? What is the future

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How to Take Up Painting as A Hobby

If you are looking for a creative outlet, and have considered painting as a hobby, you will find many online resources to get started. The hobby has many options and can be tailored to fit the smallest of budgets. Start With Your Budget and the Type of Painting Begin with

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man in black polo shirt wearing black headset and blue helmet standing outdoor

What Is Paramotoring and How Do you Get Started?

Paramotoring is a form of ultralight aviation. It is popular with amateurs and enthusiasts who like to take risks. It is considered an extreme sport. It involves the use of a parachute and mechanical propulsion to create lift. There are two types of paramotoring: Foot-Launch and Wheel-Launch. Paramotoring: It’s origins

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Hoodoo: The Tradition and Its Craft

Hoodoo is a magical practice with roots in many faiths such as Voodoo, Christianity, and Islam. Hoodoo was a syncretic folk magic system used by American slaves born in the southeast of America and influenced by Haitian folk magic. It has a long tradition of balance and harmony of the

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Horology and Watch Repair: An Introduction

For centuries humans have sought how to measure time. The need to understand how it can be measured benefited the development of agriculture, astronomy, business, architecture, and in keeping historical records. The ability to measure time is essential to understanding human development and its history.

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