How to Take Up Painting as A Hobby

If you are looking for a creative outlet, and have considered painting as a hobby, you will find many online resources to get started. The hobby has many options and can be tailored to fit the smallest of budgets.

Start With Your Budget and the Type of Painting

Begin with your budget. The three most popular media formats are watercolor, acrylic, and oil painting. Each has its own advantages and should be considered before investing any money. Also, think about how much time you will invest. Ask around, call art schools in your area, and look online for advice on how to choose best.

Why you should try watercolors first. The first advantage is the money spent. It is inexpensive to get started with watercolors. It is easier learning to paint sketches with watercolors, too. It also dries faster and teaches the painter to work fast.

Why you should use acrylic paint. Acrylic paint, which uses fewer solvents than oil paint cleans up easier. Acrylic paints are available widely with many colors, dry faster than oil paints, and do not shrink and crack as oils do.

Why you should paint with oil paints. Oil-based paints are the traditional art medium of most great painters in art history. They come in hundreds of vibrant colors, dry more slowly, are easy to remove from a canvas with proper solvents, and have excellent blending ability.

Some Practical Tips on Getting Started with Painting

Start by making a list. You will need brushes, canvases, paints, a palate, and an easel to paint on. In addition, you may need solvents and other tools like palate knives for mixing. Take some time to consider why you want to learn to paint, and what you expect to get out of it. Another tip is to talk to artists who may have advice to save you time and money. Compare prices, look for sales, and don’t worry about getting everything. Start with just a few brushes and colors. Finally, consider learning more about drawing. It will be an essential drafting tool that will help you paint better.

Reach out to Schools, and Online with Professional Artists

Now that you have the materials needed to learn, consider reaching out to schools or looking online for lessons or tips to paint better. Expect to invest a lot of time in learning the craft of painting. Work hard and challenge yourself. If you get frustrated, don’t quit. Call someone or look online for support. You may also want to join a community of local artists, so you can network and share your work.

Tips for Saving Money in Your New Hobby

If you want to save money, consider the following. Start small. You can begin with a few brushes and a few colors. Sign up for promotions, and clip coupons. Use your supplies sparingly, and consider making your own canvases, and tools. With some creativity, you can learn to be a better and smarter painter.

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