The Fine Art of the Fountain Pen: and How to Get Started

If you want to have a classic and dependable writing instrument that you can depend on, the way to go is a fountain pen. They are environmentally friendly, classic in style, and range in prices as low as a few dollars to ten-thousand dollars. Give your handwriting a flair for style and classic form; use a fountain pen to write.

Fountain Pens: A Complicated History

The Fountain Pen has been around in one stage of development or another for the past several hundred years and first appeared in patents in the early 19th century. Before its design, writing instruments varied from steel nibbed writing pens to the more ancient feathered quill, all of which meant writing required the writer to keep dipping their pen in a pot of ink to replenish their ink supply. The first successfully marketed pens were designed and sold by Lewis Waterman in the 1880s.

Why Buy and Use a Fountain Pen?

Fountain pens are great tools for writers. They are a proven tool for everyday writing and are attractively designed and easy to use. In addition they bring a pleasurable tactile experience when you write with them. They actually make you a better writer.  In addition to their style and dependability, they come in a wide range of prices. You can spend as little as a few dollars upward to thousands. They also make great collectible items. They are a solid investment of your time and money.

How Fountain Pens Make You a Better Writer

Unlike a ballpoint pen, a fountain pen works better when less pressure is applied to the page, which leads to less strain to the hand and wrist of the writer. Another interesting thing is that a fountain pen slows you down when you write and improves your handwriting. There is even science to back up the claims of fountain pen users. If you use a fountain pen you are being a good friend to nature. There is less waste and writing by hand can improve memory. 

How to Choose the Right Pen for the Job

A great place to start is with your budget. Will you be using it at home only, or will you be traveling with it and using it at work and on the road? If this is the case, consider purchasing a pen that you don’t mind losing. Think about how often you will use it. Will it be every day? Or will it only be used to sign documents?  One important factor is the size of the pen. The pen fits the hand. Another good idea is to go to a stationary, business supply, or pen shop and ask to look at the pen before you pay for it. Now think about ink. It is recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s suggestion for the ink you will put in. While you are shopping around. Look for a smooth surface paper with a heavy weight. 

Once you Have Your Fountain Pen

After you have your pen and have used it a couple of times, keep in mind how to care for and maintain it. Learn how to clean and care for your pen. If you can, buy a case to keep it in. it will keep it from getting scratched and damaged. keep your pen capped when not writing. An uncapped pen will dry out. Be careful not to drop the pen too. Also, try to avoid lending out the pen. If you have a pen shop in your city, visit it for all your ink and paper needs. 

Now You Can Write Like a Pro for a Lifetime

The wonderful thing about a well-built and maintained fountain pen is that it is something you can use throughout your life. Fountain pens are functioning works of art. The basic design of the fountain pen has gone through very few changes, and its perfection of design means that it can be serviced inexpensively. Buying and using a fountain pen is a connection to the fine art of classic writing. It is a form of art.

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