Electric fan on a hot day in the city.

10 Hottest Places in the USA 2022

134.1°F—the hottest air temperature on record across the world was taken on July 10, 1913, at the appropriately named Furnace Creek Ranch, California, right in Death Valley. (Told you it was appropriately named.) Furnace Creek almost hit this record again in recent years, and cities across the USA are also

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Keep Mosquitos Away the Natural Way

It’s summertime, and the mosquitos are out in full force and ready to ruin your fun. It’s easy to reach for the $20 deep woods bug spray, but just as it’s terrible for mosquitos, it’s also bad for anyone who comes in contact with it. The main component of many

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5 Free Summer Activities to Do in the Community

Whether you’ve lived in your area for years or just a few weeks, getting to know your community can feel a little awkward. It’s like making a new friend. Outside of work and home life, your habits may limit you to a certain routine.  Trying free summer activities in the

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