10 Hottest Places in the USA 2022

134.1°F—the hottest air temperature on record across the world was taken on July 10, 1913, at the appropriately named Furnace Creek Ranch, California, right in Death Valley. (Told you it was appropriately named.) Furnace Creek almost hit this record again in recent years, and cities across the USA are also feeling the heat. 

Over half the states across the nation have undergone heat warnings or advisories this summer. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) 2021 Annual Climate Report, the combined ocean and land temperature has risen by an average rate of 0.14 degrees Fahrenheit per decade since 1880. Notably, NOAA also reported that the average rate of increase since 1981 (0.32°F) was more than twice that rate.

Where is it the hottest right now in 2022, and how do you determine that? Some sources make use of ogimet.com, which pulls information from NOAA; most weather stations call in with daily reports. However, many of the lists you’ll find base this information off of average temperatures. Another way of analyzing this metric is to look at how many days a city sees temperatures above 100ºF on average. Based on this perimeter, here are the ten hottest cities in the United States:

1. Phoenix, AZ     

111 days above 100ºF

2. Las Vegas, NV     

78 days above 100ºF

3. Austin, TX    

29 days above 100ºF

4. Sacramento, CA     

23 days above 100ºF

5. Dallas, TX     

22 days above 100ºF

6. Riverside, CA     

22 days above 100ºF

7. San Antonio, TX     

18 days above 100ºF

8. Oklahoma City, OK     

13 days above 100ºF

9. Salt Lake City, UT     

8 days above 100ºF

10. Houston, TX    

3 days above 100ºF

Hot Weather Safety

Do you live in one of the hottest cities above? Whether you do or don’t, the heat can pose safety issues when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. It can also be dangerous if you are outside for limited stretches and have health concerns. Here’s what to do stay safe in the heat:

Stay Hydrated

Most sources recommend eight cups of water a day, but you should drink the amount your body is most comfortable with—and the heat can be draining. Stick with herbal teas, electrolyte-infused waters, or regular water to stay hydrated. If you’re working out or physically active, take extra precautions to rest and drink more water. 

Pets also experience dehydration, so remain aware of their water intake and physical activity limits. Because of their fur coats, some pets are more prone to heat stroke.

Protect Yourself From the Sun

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen, so your skin is protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Sunscreens with a grade of 50 SPF are recommended. You can also cover your arms and legs, stay in the shade, and wear hats and sunglasses. (Yes, you can still get sunburn if you stand in the shade.)

Act Quickly if You Overheat

According to the CDC, signs of heat stroke include confusion, slurred speech, hot to the touch skin, profuse sweating, and more serious symptoms. If treatment is delayed, heat stroke can be fatal. Seek medical attention immediately.

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