Person adding oil to engine

5 Tips for Saving on Car Repairs

When it comes to saving on car repairs over the course of a lifetime, taking care of the car or truck you currently have is first and foremost. Just doing the basics regularly can keep you away from repairs significant enough to feel it in your bank account or keep

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Person safely holding frog

Touching Animals Safely and When Not To Do It

If you’re an animal lover, touching animals can be tempting, but there’s probably been a time when you wanted to pet or hold an animal and been told not to because you’d hurt it. Still, many of us seem to have interacted well with animals, everything from housepets to neighborhood

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boy wearing teal and black striped t-shirt holding toy

Avoiding the Most Common Dental Problems in Children

Knowing that you need to take care of your children’s teeth seems simple, but knowing how is not as intuitive. With the U.S. having some of the worst dental problems in the world among developed nations, and children demonstrating a particularly high risk for things like cavities, tooth decay, and

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NFL Footballs on field for Week 3 NFL Preview article

Week Three NFL Preview and Fantasy Watch

Heading into week 3, after wild finishes in week 2 of the NFL, we’ve been left with a league of middling teams, clear frontrunners, and questions for teams and players alike. The Cardinals and the Dolphins had comeback wins that could have big implications, while around the league there were

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An earth-first poster encouraging fight against climate change

Good News in Fighting Climate Change

With drought, floods, and fires seemingly in the news daily, the positives in the fight against climate change can appear impossible to come by. Yet, while the news can seem overwhelmingly bad, it remains essential to highlight that a difference can be made and that others out there are succeeding

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NFL logo for week one takeaways article by Adrian Curiel

5 NFL Week 1 Takeaways and Fantasy Watch

Every year after the Super Bowl, there are almost immediately new takes, and then narratives spun in the offseason for every reason, from keeping the interest up in the game to NFL teams throwing other teams off their scent. With week one of the NFL season here and gone, we

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5 Species in Danger of Extinction By 2030

The news of animals being under threat of extinction is nothing new. There have been commercials, organizations, and scientists telling us about the risk man poses to nature and the many animals who are under threat. But now, rumblings of the world’s sixth mass extinction pose the question, where is

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