Good News in Fighting Climate Change

With drought, floods, and fires seemingly in the news daily, the positives in the fight against climate change can appear impossible to come by. Yet, while the news can seem overwhelmingly bad, it remains essential to highlight that a difference can be made and that others out there are succeeding in doing it. 

That being said, this week, as with most, there is some good environmental news regarding climate change solutions and people doing their part. From countries getting new transportation systems off the ground to citizens single-handedly fighting off polluters, Joe’s Writers’ Club has put together this week’s positive environmental news to show that an impact can be made on all levels.

5 Positives in the News About Fighting Climate Change

All over the world, climate change is taking its toll, with the smallest countries hit hardest. No matter where you are, an improvement for the health of the environment anywhere is an improvement for the health of the environment everywhere. Here’s some of this week’s news on those of us trying to help the environment and the world.

Delaware River at Cleanest Point in 50 Years

Fifty years ago, the Delaware River was so polluted by industrial contaminants and other waste that parents would shudder over their children touching the water. This improvement is partly because of the Clean Water Act but primarily because of New Jersey’s sustained effort in its environmental battles.

“The backlash is formed as one choice,” New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Shawn LaTourette told the Courier Post, “A healthy economy or a healthy environment, and that choice has always been and is still today, false.”

The department now lists the Delaware River as a Category 1 river, a ranking reserved for the cleanest rivers in the state. With the same attitude LaTourette is touting, we can help make the same happen elsewhere.

Arizona Moving on Fossil Fuel Reliance

Continuing to prove that it doesn’t care about whether or not you believe in it, climate change has hit Arizona particularly hard, as they start to see more and more of the cost of fossil fuels. Long importing gas from other states for much of its energy production, Arizona’s use of fossil fuels is even more costly than most areas in terms of environmental and financial costs. 

However, in an act that once again defies the thought process put so eloquently by LaTourette, with the Inflation Reduction Act, signed by President Joe Biden, solar initiatives are increasing in the state. Free energy from the sun and more than 82,000 potential jobs opening up over the next five years seems suitable for both the environment and the economy.

Oregon and California Coastal Cleanups

We’ve all heard the stories about a person who cleans up pollution on a beach every day and sadly sees it trashed again the following day. These stories are enough to make some people say, “what’s the point?” However, with a cumulative effort, we can help clean our beaches and one day see them remain clean. One man in South Africa proved as much in just two yearsOregon and California will join together this weekend to clean up hundreds of sites. We’ve proved we can make a difference with consistent events and gatherings. You can join the cleanup if you’re in Oregon or Mendocino County, California, this weekend, or get a group together to join in on the cleanup in your community.

Sharon Levigne and Citizens Halting Harmful Industries

As an environmentalist, it can be easy to get frustrated and wonder how no one is doing anything. Well, sometimes it has to be you. Sharon Levigne took that on in a massive way for her New Orleans community. Recognized recently as the 2021 Goldman Environmental Prize winner, Lavigne organized peaceful protests over the last three years that have kept multiple billion-dollar plastic manufacturing complexes from moving into her neighborhood.

World’s First Hydrogen-Powered Train Running in Germany

Outside of the U.S., there are plenty of strides made to reduce overall reliance on fossil fuels. One of the most recent moves away from fossil fuels in transportation came with the opening of hydrogen-powered passenger trains in Germany. Only producing water vapor is a huge step in the right direction for using renewable energy throughout public transport.

Do Your Part to Be the Good News in Fighting Climate Change

With all the ways our world could be more efficient and friendly in terms of the environment, there’s no doubt something you could be doing or starting right now could significantly impact down the road. So find something you’re qualified to handle, a group of like-minded people, and get out there. As cheesy as it sounds, you’ll be the change you want to see in the world and maybe make the next list of good environmental news.

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