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Tailwind Delivery – The Adventures of Max Cargo

Tailwind Delivery is one of the best and most accommodating on-demand courier services in the New York Metropolitan Area. We’ve developed an exciting tale for them about an elite courier team and the everyday adventures and challenges they face while making sure to get the job done correctly. Take a seat and enjoy an insider look on how packages arrive safely from point A to point B.

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Pen and Scalpel: Ivan T. Sanderson – The First Cryptozoologist

I’d like to introduce you to the person who has influenced my mindset more than any other individual. While such authors as Jules Verne and H. G. Wells has made a considerable impact on me, no one has had more affect on me than Ivan T. Sanderson.

Ivan T. Sanderson lived a life many people would love to have lived. As a Zoologist, Biologist and Adventurer, he comes across as a combination of Indiana Jones and The Crocodile Hunter. His interests were wide, but he is known for his investigations into special attention to the search for lake monsters, Vile Vortices, sea serpents, Mokèlé-mbèmbé, Yeti, surviving Pteradons, and Sasquatch.

Meet Bigfoot
He is the author of 19 books, from Caribbean Treasure to UninvitedVisitors: A Biologist Looks At UFOs. His early works concentrated on the Natural World, but more and more he ran across things he couldn’t explain, and which his colleagues ignored.
Flying Saucers are here!
In the late 1940’s, Ivan developed a passion for the Unexplained, his term for all of the creatures and objects that resisted discovery. While continuing to travel the world, he began to hear accounts of animals that weren’t in any biology textbook. This spurred him on to look deeper.
One incident took place in the Amazon. While following the Amazon River, he and several companions watched a creature flying along the river. The distinctly reptilian creature had a wingspan wider than that of the river’s twenty-foot width. From the crest on the back of its head, Sanderson surmised that it had been a Pteranodon, an extinct flying reptile from the Age of Dinosaurs. He and fellow biologisBernard Heuvelmans conducted an extensive study of the Loch Ness Monster. 
His further investigations showed that there were extraordinary creatures out in Nature that Science had not, and would not, recognize as existing. In 1947, Sanderson coined the word “Cryptozoology,” which means the study of unknown animals. That term has been embraced by many researchers who now have a field of study to define their investigations.
He became a regular guest on radio shows such as the Long John NebelShow. His visits were very popular, and his reports had everyone glued to their radios. On one such program, he gave a detailed account of the Flatwoods Monster from 1952. Here is that show, presented on YouTube.
His impact on y life has been huge. My first book by Mr. Sanderson had a title I could not ignore: Abominable Snowmen – Legend Come To Life. I ordered my copy from my local library, and in a few weeks, I received a 2nd edition copy of this famous work. I couldn’t believe my luck. That summer, I read the 700-page book twice. I had chills just thinking that such creatures could be found in almost every one of the United States, as well as all over the world. This book sits proudly on my permanent bookshelf.
Another book came my way from my library a few months later. Actually, there were two books. Things and More Things came as a real surprise to me. I had never even imagined the things I found in these two wonderful books. Both books pulled me into a World of Weird and Wonderful concerns such as Flying Saucers; Telepathic Ants; Rocks that Sing–and Kill; “Abominable Snowmen” in Europe and America; Vile Vortices: Water Monsters; Giant Skulls; Living Dinosaurs; The Minnesota Iceman; Frozen Mammoths; Animal ESP and Odd Space Visitors.
I spent many an hour of my youth in the company of Sanderson’s books. In fact, when the Minnesota Iceman once paid a visit to the Menlo Park Mall for a week, my brother and I spent an hour in line waiting to find out exactly what lay in that block of ice. It took one look for my brother to get out of there as fast as his legs would take him. Me, I spent about ten minutes staring at what appeared to be a dead caveman frozen in a big floor freezer. It’s a sensation that created a curiosity that has never left me, and one that is hard to explain. I owe it all to Ivan T. Sanderson.

Sample Episode – Dave Lockwood – Book Craft and Workshopping

JUL 27, 2020 EPISODE 1
Joe’s Writers’ Club / Dave Lockwood


In this special introductory sample to Joe’s Writers’ Club Podcast we feature:


Dave Lockwood stories:

  • Entry Level
  • Quitting Time
  • Phil Regular

and more…

Adaptive Bookcraft Section:

  • Building a tabletop RPG
  • Discussing Dave’s Inspiration
  • Introducing Corporate Gothic Project

Creative Workshop Section:

  • Discussing Dave’s Submissions to the Corporate Gothic Project

Corporate Gothic

The Daily Grind Meets the Shadows in the Darkness

There is a time of day when the apparitions of the light begin to give way to the entities of the night. The morning hours subside; the afternoon’s events wind down, and the evening’s gray cast threatens to pull darkness over the sky. The people of the daytime rush to finish what they are doing, and as they leave those places reserved for the sun, they are unaware of those things that stir by the shine of the moon.

Not all places succumb to the darkness. For every shadowy office building, for every abandoned warehouse and shut-down library, there are restaurants, night clubs, and train stations that have a rhythm of their own. We are not concerned with these lively places as of yet. While they have their own stories to tell, it is the places that lie empty of human activity that we focus on here.

As the sun retreats from view, the night awakens. From the shadows come the denizens of darkness. Among all the office cleaners, security officers, and insomniac-driven tech-nerds are beings that are not tied to any timeclock. These presences are known to the office cleaner that never goes to the 5th floor after midnight. The security staff of the law firm – the one that never loses a case – all know of the cat in the hallway, seen on closed circuit camera but not with the naked eye. And there is the dark basement, below the parking deck, that always makes visitors feel like someone – or something – is watching.

Join us as we peek into a world where most people dare not travel, a place best to keep a low profile. Don’t ask if there is anyone out there in the dark. Just get away quickly. Shadow People, ghosts, interdimensional beings and even a monster or two inhabit this volume. It is they who hide your car keys or leave that candy wrapper on your keyboard. That old, somewhat familiar odor in the break room is their calling card. Be careful as you leave, and if you hear a noise behind you as you turn out the light, don’t look back.

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Welcome to Joe’s Writers’ Club 
Hosted by: (Ricky) Richard Andrew Olkusz 

Creative Workshopping 
Adaptive Bookcraft 

Our unique mission: To help writers explore their creative obsessions. We meet weekly to discuss all roads that our muses take us on, to reflect upon works that meander in the mind, and to share the writings that our busy schedules have allowed to develop.

 1) Creative Workshopping: When we read aloud to other creative thinkers, we learn confidence, courage, and practice presenting as if before potential publishers. This is done without “constructive criticism” but rather with encouragement and in a round table where positive feedback inspires. In other words, we share our impressions, and by drawing from our experience of the text, we compare how a fellow workshop member would write it if it were his/her own. Often, this method brings clarity to a project through real time observations, leading to the composition of project outlines. So, texts may be refined by the networking of creative minds. (It can be a really fun process!) Plus, it helps to curb fears and ease doubts about a project.

 2) Adaptive Bookcraft: Creative workshopping is as important to writing, as adaptive bookcraft is to publishing. With oversight and assessment, we help writers identify the medium that best highlights their talents. (Novels, Poetry, Scripts, etc) Once a talent outlet is established, we discuss a project’s form and explore it’s target audience. (Genre, Format, Platform, etc) Works of creativity that are made dear by long obsession need to be expressed to the masses and given the credit and compensation they rightfully deserve. Finally, we are here to support each other and empower one another to get projects underway. (Through crowdfunding, loans, and grants, etc).

 :Warning: We also gather to talk about: entertainment, mythology, pop culture, literature, history, and the mysteries of the cosmos. However, we do not discuss “hysteria culture” (religion, politics, ideology) – judgmental notions that cloud creativity or induce stress.

 In this day and age, the oceanic waters of media are stormy, but like never before, they offer a great deal of opportunity for self-driven individuals to publicize their intellectual property. Set forth with us to get your precious words and written creations out there for the world to enjoy.