Corporate Gothic

The Daily Grind Meets the Shadows in the Darkness

There is a time of day when the apparitions of the light begin to give way to the entities of the night. The morning hours subside; the afternoon’s events wind down, and the evening’s gray cast threatens to pull darkness over the sky. The people of the daytime rush to finish what they are doing, and as they leave those places reserved for the sun, they are unaware of those things that stir by the shine of the moon.

Not all places succumb to the darkness. For every shadowy office building, for every abandoned warehouse and shut-down library, there are restaurants, night clubs, and train stations that have a rhythm of their own. We are not concerned with these lively places as of yet. While they have their own stories to tell, it is the places that lie empty of human activity that we focus on here.

As the sun retreats from view, the night awakens. From the shadows come the denizens of darkness. Among all the office cleaners, security officers, and insomniac-driven tech-nerds are beings that are not tied to any timeclock. These presences are known to the office cleaner that never goes to the 5th floor after midnight. The security staff of the law firm – the one that never loses a case – all know of the cat in the hallway, seen on closed circuit camera but not with the naked eye. And there is the dark basement, below the parking deck, that always makes visitors feel like someone – or something – is watching.

Join us as we peek into a world where most people dare not travel, a place best to keep a low profile. Don’t ask if there is anyone out there in the dark. Just get away quickly. Shadow People, ghosts, interdimensional beings and even a monster or two inhabit this volume. It is they who hide your car keys or leave that candy wrapper on your keyboard. That old, somewhat familiar odor in the break room is their calling card. Be careful as you leave, and if you hear a noise behind you as you turn out the light, don’t look back.

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