Exploring the Types of Fiction

When writing any type of fiction, there are no boundaries as to where you are allowed to go with your story. There are rules, but some of us don’t follow according to plan. For those who write fiction, we tend to follow an unwritten rule which makes us ask ourselves, “Can

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B. Lawrence

B. Lawrence began writing at his elementary school desk and finished his first short story during high school.  As an adult, B. improved his skill set and expanded his literary influences. Most satisfied creating worlds for his characters, B. followed up his first action novel in 2008 with a full-length

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Crazy Ralph

  Today, I would like to talk about how certain elements in writing can contribute to enabling a reader to show emotion in reaction to what the author has put on the page.  Sometimes the author has the ability to make the reader laugh out loud due to a rather

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Do You Blog?

Today I want to talk about the very essence of why you’re reading this post. You might be interested in sports, politics, movies, or books. Whatever the topic of culture that has encapsulated your attention, there’s a blog about it. Yes, you’ll find most of what other people like to

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Don’t Give Up On Your Work!

Everyone wants to be successful in life, especially aspiring writers. Writing is a tough gig no matter how you look at it. The process is long, draining, and ultimately complex.  I used to think that the toughest part of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel was completing

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The Strong Female Character

I think you would be amazed at the notion that if you create a character, in some capacity, you might begin to feel for that character.  The whole concept of character development is initially intended to make the reader want to root for them in one way or another.  But

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Using Templates in Writing

To pick up where I left off previously, I want to go into more detail regarding independent thought and inspiration.  I talked about being inspired by movies and TV shows, but let’s talk about what encompasses that particular thought.  I believe a single moment in a movie or a book

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What Inspires You?

Writing can mean a lot of different things to people. It can mean relieving stress by knocking out a couple of paragraphs about one thing or another, whether it is something real or just something made up in a world of fantasy. It could mean just simply passing time. To

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