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Today I want to talk about the very essence of why you’re reading this post. You might be interested in sports, politics, movies, or books. Whatever the topic of culture that has encapsulated your attention, there’s a blog about it. Yes, you’ll find most of what other people like to talk about, argue, and go back and forth with each other until they’re blue in the face. Blogging has so many purposes and I not only want to talk a little about these topics, but how they can relate to your muse and overall writing style. Also, I want to show you how I got to this point because all bloggers are writers and some writers are bloggers. Either way you slice it, writing is the core to why you are here, staring at your screen.

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Blogging helps us understand things that we haven’t mastered yet. They can include the previously mentioned topics or numerous other subtopics that cover every facet of culture out there. I’ve also previously talked about how inspiration fueled my muse to create characters, situations, and other aspects of the writing process. Would you be surprised that almost all bloggers use these same techniques to create the perfect blog post? I assume not. Much thought can be put into a blogpost. Some of us will take hours, and maybe even days to try and perfect the quintessential post. Some of us can just figure out a topic in seconds, then turn it into a quality post within an hour. 

Yes, maybe if you were the latter, you would be a lot more productive in your quest for a successful blogging experience, but either way you could find success when using the proper tools. Some of those tools include a better-than-good recall of popular, and not-so-popular, cultural aspects which could include movies, sports, music, and politics. The more you know, the easier it becomes.

Like U2 once said “Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own”.  Whether you are new to blogging or just haven’t mastered all the concepts yet, someone knows more than you. I will speak from personal experience. In order to get my blogposts into fully functional mode, I used the help of someone who knows a thing or two about blogging. I know the writing part, including how to use prose and display my knowledge of those cultural aspects, but I needed to tweak it. I wanted it to look good. My friend helped me out with the basics and what you see here was a product of my writing and his expertise.

Lastly, as you can see, there are many aspects to become a halfway decent blogger. It can come from inspiration, skill of writing, patience, knowledge of how to make it look “full” and stronger, and most of all, your valuable time.  So, whether you spend days on end creating the “perfect” blog post or finish a draft within an hour’s time, the same elements are at work in producing the results that you want and ultimately what your reader wants to see. In closing, I hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost about blogging; I put a good hour into creating it.

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