Blue Water Writing: Where’s your Head At?

Most of the discussions on the Internet about “plotters” (writers that outline) and “pantsers” (writers that write by the seat of their pants) include an acknowledgment that authors have varied personalities, experiences, and needs. Robinson’s article discusses the different approaches that J.K. Rowling and Stephen King utilize. In contrast to the one-size-fits-all advice from NY Book Editors, Kristen

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Blue Water Writing: Note-taking and Narrating

To avoid making the mistakes that I previously made, I utilized many of the suggestions from Writer’s Digest, and I constructed an outline before writing the text.  Some of the choices that I made in the outline were not ideal. Making my narrator a cop seemed to make sense while

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Blue Water Writing: Begin with the End in Mind

I’d like to discuss the notion of “beginning with the end in mind” in general terms before applying the concept to the writing of fiction. In my last post, I discussed writing goals, and in the process of articulating and working towards a goal, we “begin with the end in

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Blue Water Writing: Begin by Writing Goals

Throughout my adult life, I’ve read through countless “goal-setting” articles on the Internet.  As a high school teacher, I’ve taught the process of setting and achieving a goal many times. With this writing project, I returned to the topic and looked over a few discussions on “writing goals”.  Initially, the

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