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Paragraphic Rift: Have you imposed narrative Temporality?

7: Have you imposed narrative Temporality?  What is narrative Temporality?  Temporality and impermanence go together, for such is measured by the ticking clock, the circling shadow, the palpitating heart, or a single tear streaking down a lovelorn face. Sometimes a single moment can weigh more than the world.  Into everyone’s

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Paragraphic Rift: Have you Weaponized the Core?

6: Have you Weaponized the Core? What is the Core?  The Core is value. Taking stock of what you have and remembering bereavements. It is defying the threat of preservation against opposition if it be by destiny, foes, or legal decree so that a narrative is humanized, or brought to

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Paragraphic Rift: Have You Imposed Narrative Timelessness?

We have touched on the muse and how it comes from a timeless place beyond our temporal world. So the essence of timelessness speaks out in a singular moment, an absolute place in memory, brought on by coincidence, synchronicity, and a great many other mysteries spun into the narrative tapestry. 

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Paragraphic Rift: How Loyal Are You To Your Muse?

Now that we have been over 1 (What is your Inspiration?), 5 (Creative Workshopping), and 10 (Adaptive Bookcraft) you may proceed to the next level of JWC Paragraphic Rift, which begins to unlock our method for creative editing and analysis of voice.  2: How loyal are you to your Muse? 

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