Paragraphic Rift: Have You Polished Your Text?

4: What is Creative Polish? Creative Polish is an analysis of one’s literary voice for optimization. Not for grammar as much as for poetic elevations and mythic tone. This radical method suggests that one should overwrite, to go beyond systemized reductionism in order to transcend the language of the day.

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Paragraphic Rift: Have You Imposed Narrative Timelessness?

We have touched on the muse and how it comes from a timeless place beyond our temporal world. So the essence of timelessness speaks out in a singular moment, an absolute place in memory, brought on by coincidence, synchronicity, and a great many other mysteries spun into the narrative tapestry. 

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Pass It On: Some Positive Quotes for Writers

Writing is an intense and rewarding solo effort, as much as musical composition or painting is. There are no partners or helpers in any of these arts, nor can there ever be. The creation of music, painting or a story can only come from a single hand. Just as Gershwin

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