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Blue Water Writing: The Read-Aloud Review

Long before computers, tablets, and phones, writers wrote and edited on paper and with a pencil.  Pulling sheets through rubber rollers, dabbing glue on drying ink, and jabbing at springy keys, typing was a laborious affair. Unable to rely on spelling and grammar checks, the typewriter was reserved for final

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Don’t Give Up On Your Work!

Everyone wants to be successful in life, especially aspiring writers. Writing is a tough gig no matter how you look at it. The process is long, draining, and ultimately complex.  I used to think that the toughest part of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel was completing

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Blue Water Writing: Mission Statement

How can I articulate my creative vision -clearly -in an engaging manner and -still have time left over to live?   Sisyphus overcoming MISSION STATEMENT I have been blogging for over a week now, and it just dawned on me that I have not really specified the goal of this

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