boy wearing teal and black striped t-shirt holding toy

Avoiding the Most Common Dental Problems in Children

Knowing that you need to take care of your children’s teeth seems simple, but knowing how is not as intuitive. With the U.S. having some of the worst dental problems in the world among developed nations, and children demonstrating a particularly high risk for things like cavities, tooth decay, and

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Young boy holding a pet turtle.

Children and Pets: What You Should Know

For most families, the reason they get a pet is the incessant pleas of their doe-eyed kids. For others,  the pet was there first, but the want for real children (pun intended) brought an addition.  Whichever table you fall under, there are certain things you should know before mixing a

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Woman's hand holding book titled, "Parenting"

Parenting Trends to Embrace in 2022

Parenting is changing. It’s not just that we’re raising our children differently from how we were raised, but how we, as parents, are also evolving in what we teach. The world of work and family has changed for career women and stay-at-home dads alike, with new challenges and opportunities for

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