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Pass It On: Some Positive Quotes for Writers

Writing is an intense and rewarding solo effort, as much as musical composition or painting is. There are no partners or helpers in any of these arts, nor can there ever be. The creation of music, painting or a story can only come from a single hand. Just as Gershwin

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Paragraphic Rift: Creative Workshopping

Last time we went over number 1: on our JWC XYZ Writer’s Accelerator, and so between 1 and 10 is 5. Inspiration is first, industry is last. The middle is a great place to start when you have been from the beginning to the end seeking creative obsession, for those

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Paragraphic Rift: Inspirational

Joe’s Writers Club’s Paragraphic Rift is a blog devoted to the improvement of one’s literary voice and overall creative power. We take you from inspiration to a creative obsession, and from your own personal creative obsession into the creative obsessions of others.  Once you have the networking of minds, brainstorming,

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