Which Are Better: Print or E-Books?

The wide availability of electronic devices for reading e-books has had an unexpected impact in the publishing world, but which is better; e-books or printed books? It was first predicted that e-books would slowly decrease the demand and commercial viability of print media. The truth is that demand for print

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sand dune

Consciousness Altering Books: Dune by Frank Herbert

I have always been moved by legends, myths, folklore, and ancient scriptures, finding such material wondrous to contemplate. Seeking escape from an unwanted world, my thoughts often turned to other worlds where my spirit felt freer or more at home. Joe’s Writers Club’s Consciousness Altering Books aims to bring timeless

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Paragraphic Rift: Have You Polished Your Text?

4: What is Creative Polish? Creative Polish is an analysis of one’s literary voice for optimization. Not for grammar as much as for poetic elevations and mythic tone. This radical method suggests that one should overwrite, to go beyond systemized reductionism in order to transcend the language of the day.

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