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Our Story

Joe's Writers' Club began as a group of impassioned writers meeting routinely at local libraries. By supporting independent writers, we’ve gained insight into the needs of businesses and how best to maximize their message. We provide excellent service in publishing and marketing for independent writers and local businesses alike.

What We Offer

SEO Content Services

SEO Blog Content

Blogs are a great way to build trust with your customers. Being informative or entertaining makes you a valuable service to them and keeps them coming back to your website. That brand recognition means that you’re top of mind when they require your service. But you can’t just write a few blog posts and call it a day; your customers expect new content on a regular basis. 

We know you don’t have time to become a full- or even part-time blogger. That’s where we can help. Our writers can provide you with thoughtful, engaging, and well-researched content in your niche. 

The blog content will also be SEO with specific keywords to target your key demographic so that the people who search for your services will find you over your competition.

SEO Web Copy  

Getting your service in front of potential customers is the most important aspect of your website. But with so many sites out there, your homepage is getting buried in the Google search results. Sure, you could take a course to figure out how to optimize your content, but isn’t your time best spent on your customer base and expanding your service?

We can help you rank higher in your Google searches. Our team of writers will craft SEO driven content tailored to your industry and location to get more eyes on your website. No longer will you languish on the third, fourth, fifth page of the Google search results: your website will be front and center for those looking for what you have to offer.

Marketing Copy

Writing an effective marketing campaign is tricky. There are a lot of factors to consider, such as the target audience, the message you want to send, and the type of language you use. None of which you have time to nitpick over while you have a business to run.

That’s why we’re here to do it for you. Our team of writers will craft the perfect message to send to your audience. We will speak to your customers in a way that will draw them directly to you.

Social Media Ad Copy

Whether you’re looking for a post for Facebook, a video for TikTok, or a simple tweet, we’ll condense your message into the character limit without sacrificing its effectiveness.


Ghostwriting Services

Got an idea for a book but no time to write it? We can help you. We will pair your idea with one of our talented writers and complete the project for you. Whether it’s a murder mystery, a spine-tingling horror story, or your personal memoir, we’ll synthesize all of your ideas into a stellar finished product. 

You’ll also have as much access to the manuscript throughout all stages of the writing journey as you wish and be able to shape the project as it’s written so that the final product is something you’ll be proud to have your name on.

Outlining services

Story beats. Character arcs. The three-act structure. If you have an idea for a book or a movie but aren’t sure how to flesh it out in an interesting way, we can write the outline for you. That outline can act as your roadmap through your writing journey, guiding you step by step, or a jumping-off point to kickstart your imagination.


Not every draft can be a homerun. Sometimes your thoughts work faster than your fingers can type, and your manuscript can get jumbled. Or maybe you’re just second-guessing your characterization or are worried that you’ve created a plot hole somewhere.

Worry not, because we can help you. With three levels of editing, we can tighten up and polish that manuscript so you can send it out to publishers with confidence. We can give you feedback on the story itself and recommend a few tweaks (if it needs it), or if we’ll just make sure that all the spelling and grammar are in tip-top shape.


Breaking the rules of writing is fine during the storytelling phase, but you shouldn’t deviate from the rules of grammar and punctuation. We’ll look through your work to ensure proper spelling, punctuation, and word usage so that your writing shines.

Line editing

Sometimes, our stories excite us so much that what we write doesn’t match what’s in our heads. This can lead to clumsy, clunky prose that confuses our readers. With our line editing service, we’ll go through your story line by line to correct any errors with sentence structure and ensure clarity in your language.

Developmental editing

Writing a novel is a long, arduous process. Over time, our stories can change despite the elements that have already been committed to paper, presenting story holes, dangling plot points, and inconsistent characterization. Our developmental editing package will provide you with deep, meaningful feedback on your novel, along with suggestions on where the story can be tightened, the pace quickened or slowed, and the characters deepened and enhanced.

Workshops and Training

Blogging for SEO training

Get your team of writers up to speed in the nuances of optimizing your copy. Our Blogging for SEO course will guide them through the essentials of writing web copy using targeted keywords so that your webpages rank higher in Google searches.

Or if you're interested in working with JWC to write for clients, apply here.