Recent Data Trends on Retirement From Government Jobs

Since the mid-1990s, experts have warned of a coming “retirement tsunami” when it comes to the federal sector. Numbers thus far have remained consistent, with occasional peaks before dropping to a relatively predictable number. Federal Retirement Data Trends of 2019 and 2018 The trend also progressed into 2019. According to

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Top 5 Music Festivals in the US

Music festivals have become an art form of their own, born from the counterculture and anti-war sentiments that arose especially between the 1960s and 1990s. Think Woodstock and Free Tibet. Below is a round-up of the top five music festivals in the US that still capture this spirit. 1. Pitchfork

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A.I. hand reaching a finger out to touch the finger of a human hand.

Is AI a Danger to Humanity?

In the 1940s, computer scientist Alan Turing theorized that machines would one day possess an unlimited impact on our existence through a process that might mimic evolution. The biggest question of our time follows: Is AI a danger to humanity if it supersedes human intelligence? Is AI Harmful or Beneficial?

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Just Let It Go: Life Is Short

The definition of “letting it go” is often taken incorrectly—as in not caring. Really, it is about grace even after experiencing turmoil.  Grace has many definitions and is often compared to faith and forgiveness. It is also associated with elegance and a refined kind of movement. Consider the idiom: to

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5 Real-Life Mysteries That Will Spook You

Some of the most intriguing mysteries are the ones we are still unraveling in real life. From ancient Egyptian curses to fish rain, here are five real-life mysteries that will fascinate you and spook you. Curses Humans can be quite superstitious, but some historical curses appear too real to be

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5 Urban Legends That Turned Out to Be True

Urban legends often come with a dose of healthy skepticism–and we have had a love for telling tall tales for centuries. Sometimes, urban legends turn out to be true. Here are five stories based on facts that will move you, either under the covers or stir your heart. Cropsey Kids

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What if the Tooth Fairy Was Real?

Imagination. What if the Tooth Fairy doesn’t come? Where does the Tooth Fairy live? What does the Tooth Fairy look like? What does the Tooth Fairy do with all those teeth? …Echoes of the endless childhood chatter every time we lost a baby tooth until we were no longer children. 

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12 Ways to Stay Cool Without AC in Your Home

If you’re trying to save money, are without power, or are enduring extreme heat, you can find ways to stay cool without air conditioning (AC) in your home. While heat can make for fun in the sun, the body shouldn’t be exposed to heat for too long, as it’s harmful

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