Super Bowl Betting: 5 Early Underdogs to Get in On

With the slow-season of sports finally winding down in August, football season is going to be ramping up. The NFL preseason started earlier this month, early bets started to roll in, and as things develop, the lines will start to change. So, if you have any hunches on a long shot to win the Super Bowl, get your bets in now. If not, we’ve got your back.

5 Super Bowl Sleeper Picks

To qualify as a sleeper for this list, a team had to be at least outside the top 5 in most sportsbooks. All of the picks below are going off at significantly longer Super Bowl odds than the currently favored Buffalo Bills. With a wide-open field in the NFL this year, there’s going to be lots of chances for savvy betters who get in early to win some cash. Here are a few sleeper picks with odds that should rise as the season goes along.


The Oakland Raiders come into this season like they have many, with splashy acquisitions and a general wondering if it can work. However, the pieces and the maturity of this team say it can. Through a tough season that saw a coach being fired for racial epithets and the loss of a key wide-receiver from his own bad decision making, the Raiders still made the playoffs while seeing improvements from the defense, Derek Carr, and their skill-position players. On top of all that, they added DeVante Adams and a new coach, Josh McDaniels.

Adams and Carr have a longstanding relationship, with both Adams and Carr professing their affection for each other and playing together in college. Pair that with the combination of McDaniels, one of the best offensive minds in football, and the recipe points to a significant rise this season from their current forty-to-one odds, if not the Super Bowl.


The Patriots are also hovering around forty-to-one as well and have reason for optimism. Sophomore quarterback, Mack Jones, is reportedly in amazing shape after a solid rookie season, the defense is as healthy as it’s been in the last three seasons, the wide-receiver core is improved, and they still have Bill Belichick. Expect the Patriots’ Super Bowl Chances to rise greatly by mid-season.


The Bengals are perhaps a surprise on this list, but only if you haven’t been paying attention to the pundits. The team was certainly flawed last year, but going off at twenty-two-to-one, and being speculated to miss the playoffs by many, it just seems like this team is being underestimated. They have maybe the best wide-receivers in the NFL, a near-elite young QB, they added pieces to an already stout defense, and the offensive-line that gave up nine sacks in the AFC title game is completely revamped. Bet on the Bengals with the expectation that they’ll be a favorite by mid-season.


The thinking behind betting on the Steelers is simple, they’re almost certainly going to be better than their current ninety-to-one odds. The Washington Commanders are coming in at seventy-to-one, just for a point of reference. The team made the playoffs last year with the ghost of Ben Roethlisberger and they’ve never finished less than .500 under Mike Tomlin. It’s hard to imagine any starting QB performing worse than Roethlisberger was allowed in his last two years. That fact, packaged with the defense that carried them last year, is enough to put your faith in the Steelers.


With the shortest odds on this list, the 49ers are sitting at about sixteen or seventeen-to-one. Still a long-shot, the 49ers have shown their ability to exceed expectations over the years. Being that they often come on at the end of the season, that bodes well for young quarterback Trey Lance. The 49ers will hope to have him up to speed by the end of the season and hope they finally have the dynamic quarterback they’ve coveted to go with their unique scheme and strong defense. The one caveat here is to maybe wait until a few games into the season to make this bet. If the 49ers have a bad couple of weeks to start, their odds will go down, and based on this supposed trajectory, that will be the best time to buy in.

Bet Now to Protect Your Wager

You should never rush a bet you’re unsure about, but getting in early on championship bets is a great way to make sure you cover. Plus, if you use a sportsbook that provides cash-outs, then you can invest now in a team whose teams’ odds you think will greatly improve. If you stay true to your intentions, with some educated guessing, you may be able to almost guarantee a profit.

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