Common Problems You Might Face When Watercooling a PC

If the most use you get out of a computer is writing an assignment on Microsoft word, you may not be familiar with a water-cooled PC. So what is it?  Before we answer this, you need to understand its purpose. 

The Purpose of Cooling Systems in Computers

Energy cannot be destroyed; instead, it will be converted to another energy form. When you clap your hands kinetic energy becomes sound energy, when a lightbulb is put on electrical energy becomes heat & light energy. It is the same with a computer, the processor, graphics card and circuits get hot because of the current passing through them. It is impossible for a machine to perform the computations a PC does without producing some sort of by-product. 

This is why all computers and laptops have cooling mechanisms and the most common is a fan cooling system. A water-cooled PC is not what you see daily because it is costly and not many people need it. Simply put, it is the use of water enclosed in tubes to dispense heat, it functions just like a car radiator.

The components you will find in a water-cooled system are:

  • Coolants
  • Radiator
  • Fans
  • Tubings
  • Fittings

Now that we have a basic idea of how water-cooled computer functions, let us look at common challenges often encountered with this method. 


A computer is made up of electric circuits and there’s no better enemy than water. The risks of a cooling system leaking are reduced when you’re meticulous about your setup, but it doesn’t go away completely. You should have this in mind and take adequate steps to prevent it.

Using quality fittings and tubes is the first step in prevention, don’t skimp out on quality or you’d regret it later. Certain water-cooling systems come with gauges for you to check water flow and other gimmicks. Some of them also have an alert system when there is a leakage, you should consider investing in this. 

It Involves a More Hands-On Approach

If you own a PC with a traditional fan cooling method, chances are you’ve barely given it any thought with regards to maintenance. The closest that computer might get to being maintained is a yearly dust blowout. The best part is that, it might run just fine with such treatment.

A water-cooled system will most likely have a ton of problems if it was only maintained once a year.  For starters, the coolants need to be topped up as they will evaporate after being heated and cooled so many times.  The joints and fittings will also need to be inspected for leaks periodically. Don’t forget it’s a computer with water inside so you need to be extra careful if it needs to be moved. 


Look at a water-cooled computer as an exotic car. It may have a better aesthetic appeal than a trusty old ford,  but that comes with its drawback. An exotic car also needs extra attention to remain operational; old ford trucks are known to last decades. 

Unless you absolutely need to and also know your way around a computer; sticking with a fan cooling system is safer for your wallet.

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