How An Outsider Can Mend Mental Apathy

Emotional numbness, whether it comes as a gnawing symptom or as a means of protection, is a state of mind where a person is apathetic to all experiences and emotions. They are too lost to act and can only go about their lives as “going through the motions.” It is a desolate and isolating way to live. However, does this mean they have to face it by themselves?

This state of mind does not have to be faced alone—there are many ways that you can help a person rise above this stoic and solemn way of living. Ordeals of the mind are never singular; they reach beyond to places that most never think of. How to understand the intricacies of emotional numbness and guide someone through it will be further explained down below.

Tangible Origins

Emotional numbness occurs gradually and often originates from forms of coping with either a traumatic event or an imbalance in the brain. It implements itself either to tear down an individual into being unable to go on or as a blanket to shield their mind from a memory that can harm them. There are two common ones above the rest.

Mental Illness

No mind is incapable of becoming emotionally numb, but having one that is suffering from an illness increases the likelihood of its development. Mental illnesses, like depression and PTSD, can leave the mind so weak that it becomes unable to feel anything. 

Sometimes this can even be welcomed by a person with a mental illness since they’d rather feel anything but the abundance of the pain their illness brings.

Substance Abuse

To seek out relief from a drug is a temporary fix. Abuse of substances, like morphine or vape pens, can bring the desired effects at first but quickly dwindle into numbness. Once taken to modify feeling, soon it is taken to get rid of the feeling.

Several Results

When deep inside the emptiness of unfeeling, many side effects can result that not only affect the mind but also the body. Some of these include physical abuse, substance misuse, grief, and stress.

This numbness can make life not worth living and shatter every perception a person once had, leaving them empty.

Move And Lend

Although this numbness is internal, you can still lend them an ear and hand. Talking to them delicately and acknowledging that their plight is tangible and can be fixed is a good first step. Work together to identify the source of it and what needs to change for them to heal. You can also encourage them to seek help from a professional if you think it is necessary.

In The End

Emotional numbness is desolate and isolating, but people do not have to go through it alone. You can support them by being sincere and recognizing their symptoms. Encourage them to open up and figure out why they are feeling this way. And remember to give them time to mend.

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