From False Fixation To Self-Acceptance

Perfection, despite being an ideal that many aspire to obtain in themselves, is one of humanity’s greatest delusions. What can be seen as perfect to one, may not be so for another. This want can swiftly turn into an obsession, as desperate pairs of eyes search for the slightest perceived fault in their reflections. However, are there ways to stop this obsession with self-perfection?

Stopping the obsession for self-perfection is possible, but not as swift or intangible as the obsession itself. The so-called imperfections to be found in the human form can be embraced without loathing. How to silence this unattainable desire and embrace the extraordinary being that is yourself, will be further explained down below.

Beyond Abstracts

Although this want- that often distorts into a need- is abstract, its origins are anything but. Laced in societal pressures and detrimental to not only the individuals who internalize them, there are two common causes for perfection in the self.

Expectations & Imitations

Whether it is from loved ones or strangers, expectations to be the best versions of ourselves are firmly placed in our view. The sentiments behind these expectations can vary, from well-intended to ill.  

We may see someone who exhibits all the aspects that we long for and wish to be as they are, copy them. This action can be blinding and devastating if not every mimic is successful or obtainable.

The pressure from these is abundant and tends to trickle into the second cause.

Poor Mental Health

To meet an impossible standard will dwindle a person’s state of mind, especially if that mind is burdened with constant deprecation and unkemptness. When someone possesses poor mental health (or even a mental illness beneath it) it fuels the desire for perfection in the self, as their perceived faults are heightened to unimaginable extremes.

Lost In Effects

When drowning in the grasp of the obsession for self-perfection, many unwanted side effects can come to the surface. Some of these include obsessiveness, inability to concentrate, loneliness, development of mental illness, and suicidal ideation.

This obsession can discourage and even end lives, as they devote themselves to becoming perfect at any cost. They can neglect their health and dissolve relationships with loved ones, as their mind becomes fixed on a single thing to try and live for.

Face To Face

Though this obsession is consuming, it is possible to face it and persevere. Realizing the obsession for what it is, practicing mindfulness, and speaking to a therapist about the origins of these thoughts, are great starting points to self-acceptance. Also being hygienic, reaching out to loved ones, and removing harmful people from your life, are other great practices of care. 

Found In Acceptance

The obsession with self-perfection is daunting and widespread—however, it is possible to overcome. A mind can only break the habit if it is given the right means to rise. Acceptance cannot be obtained in a day, all that can be promised is a little time. 

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