Earth Magic: A Primer on Earth-Based Faith Whether You’re a Witch or Not

Magic brings to mind a sense of wonder and imagination but also suspicion. When we were little, we delighted in making up entire worlds in our minds and using the elements around us to make it all the more real. 

Somehow, we lose that as adults leading busy lives in a concrete jungle. Experts tell us to put up nature posters, tend to our gardens, and walk our pets in neighborhood parks to get our dose of nature. But in truth, we need to practice a little more Earth magic to really understand what we have been missing.

What Is Earth Magic? 

You don’t have to consider yourself to be a witch or “wizard” to practice Earth magic, which at its core refers to a reverence for the Earth that one personally resonates with and often actively practices. That can be as simple as keeping a butterfly and bee garden, enjoying it, and leaving it at that—or, providing an offering to the nature spirits to lend a helping green thumb.

Many earth-based faiths include nature at the center of their practice, such as hedge witchcraft and green witchcraft. Though the terms are often used interchangeably, there are a few differences between a hedge witch and a green witch (No, not Elphaba).

What Is a Hedge Witch?

Hedge witchcraft often references a solitary witch who gets to know the land spirits and sees their hearth as an aspect of nature imbued with magic. They also approach domestic tasks spiritually and keep a well-stocked pantry and herbal garden. 

The hedge witch may also be seen as a more shamanic role than a green witch, as it harkens back to a time when a hedge was but one boundary between civilization and the wild wood. Cunningfolk or wise folk would use their skills to heal or otherwise aid those in the village but sometimes be seen as different, much as many shamans led different lives than others in their area. The hedge witch practices “hedge riding” as they travel with their guides to “the Otherworld” during an altered state of consciousness.

What Is a Green Witch?

Green witchcraft incorporates naturalism, herbalism, and the use of natural objects, such as gems or stones to cast spells or commune with the Earth and its spirits. The green witch calls on nature for guidance and pays respects to all manners of creatures who live on Earth.

There is more focus on natural magic—the use of simple spells with ingredients as close to the Earth as possible—vs. more domestic and shamanic roles. However, some domestic elements may be a part of the green witch’s practice.

These earth-based traditions place a focus on trusting in the aid of nature spirits, paying them respect with offerings, and cultivating or using herbs for healing and other purposes. Many see themselves as stewards of the Earth, much the way Abrahamic faiths also emphasize this as humanity’s role.

Simple Ways to Practice Earth Magic Every Day

You practice earth magic when you engage with the element of earth, by invocation (to invite in) or evocation (to call out). In modern Paganism and other earth-based faiths, the earth element is associated with stability and security. So, aside from asking Earth elementals to kindly help your plants grow, you can also make use of earth magic for more practical matters:

  • Plant a butterfly and bee garden to give back to natural cultivators. Leave an offering of bread out for the spirits and then bury it.
  • Pour a few drops of rosemary essential oil into your mop water to promote prosperity and protection in your home.
  • Organize a clean-up of your neighborhood or street.
  • Start a community garden incorporating a creative design. Talk to the flowers and vegetables and encourage them to grow.
  • Set up an Earth altar to promote groundedness and security in the home. Place air plants on the altar with seeds, salt, and natural gems. 
  • Plant prickly rose bushes under your windows and ask the nature spirits to aid in protecting your home.

This is just a primer to Earth magic, which may also be referred to as Earth magick in Wicca. The “k” separates the earth-based tradition from parlor tricks. There’s so much more to Earth magic, but it all comes back to the spiritual reverence of the Earth and actively caring for it.

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