Animal Kingdom: Top 5 Most Deadly to Humans

We’ve all had people tell us they are terrified of an animal at one point or another. Some of this could be directed towards the black cat you love, the pitbull that rides shotgun in your car, or the pet spider you keep in your room. People are all different with different fear; some are rational, and most are irrational and based on ignorance. The more we learn about our animal friends, the more we will respect them and allow them the space and comfort needed to help humans avoid making ignorant mistakes.

What You Call a Dangerous Animal vs. Which Animals Are Actually Dangerous 

Alligators, sharks, bears, wolves, and mountain lion encounters make the news frequently because they are click bate. Most humans believe those animals to be hazardous and deadly if encountered. That is not true. To coexist with nature, you must respect its boundaries. Animals have limitations just the same as we do, but when their boundaries are threatened or broken, deadly consequences based on fear are bound to happen. Never corner a wild animal or a wild person!

The Most Dangerous Animals Ranked

  1. Humanshumans are responsible for the death of their own species and every other species. We are the biggest threat to ourselves, each other, and the environment by a long shot. Close to a million people are murdered or die by suicide yearly, and that’s a very conservative guess. 
  1. Mosquitos – These nasty buggers are everywhere except Antarctica and Disney World due to Disney’s extreme pest control procedures. These flying assailants are responsible for 1 million deaths yearly and make up 17% of the global burden of infectious diseases! Calling all Skeeter Hawks; we need your help, stat!
  1. Fresh Water Snails – It may not sound serious, but I assure you it is. These slimy little friends carry a deadly parasite called flukes. When snails release flukes into the water, a quarter of a million people a year die from the effects. Schistosomiasis, also known as ‘snail fever,’ is only second to malaria in parasitic diseases. 
  1. Snakes – Approximately 100,000 people die every year from snake bites. 3500 snake species slither around our world, and none of them like being harassed or stepped on. These deaths are common everywhere in the world except in North America. Here, we deal with about 10 snake-related deaths per year. 
  1. Dogs – Our best friend also has boundaries that beg not to be crossed. Dog-related deaths surpass 25,000 yearly everywhere except the USA. In the USA, 4.5 million dog bites happen yearly, and only 30 are fatal. 

How to Stay Safe 

Some people joke that they can’t resist petting the cute dog and dive right in whenever an animal is involved with the “all animals love me” belief running through their heads. Animals deserve respect, just as we all do. When you see a tame or wild animal that appears friendly, look from a safe distance but do not approach it. If you’re going to be camping all weekend, use mosquito spray frequently, avoid drinking natural water that has not been boiled, and definitely avoid crazy, rapid human campers! If you see a snake, it’s straightforward, walk away from it and do not bother it.


Everyone likes to picture their children growing up with an animal companion, but this is risky if the animal is not being respected and space is not being given when the animal feels threatened. Your puppy could maul your child simply because babies smell strange and make weird noises. The puppy could think that he is protecting you. It is always best to know the animal you are dealing with and make sure not to ever leave them alone with small children. There are plenty of ways to stay safe; the biggest one is setting boundaries for yourself, your children, and your animals. Of course, mosquitos don’t care about your boundaries, so the deterrent spray is the only real way to keep them away. 

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