Vanlife Safety: Tips For Staying Safe On The Road

A house can be a place of comfort and security, but it also means you’re tethered to one geographical location. Your work, relationship, and life, in general have to be around your home or it becomes inconvenient. While this works for most, others prefer a free-spirited approach. 

Individuals like this often trade in their homes for a van, it helps if you work remotely. With the recent hike in real estate prices, more people are embracing the van life. We’ve heard of unfortunate incidents lately regarding nomads, which makes this subject important.  If you’ve been thinking of opting for a “life on the road”, especially as a solo traveler, these tips are for you. 

Keep Your Valuables Out of Sight

There’s a popular saying that goes; “out of sight, out of mind”. This is very true when it comes to valuables and your vehicle. Thieves and miscreants always perform a quick scan through the window. When something valuable is spotted, they bid their time before making a move. At times it might not even look valuable, it could be a plain knapsack sitting on a passenger seat. 

It’s in your best interest to leave the visible interior of your vehicle as bare as possible.  This gives the impression that there is nothing worthwhile to be found in the vehicle. 

Photo by Caleb George on Unsplash

Ensure Your Mobile Device Always Has Sufficient Energy

As a van dweller, you’d find yourself in unfamiliar places most of the time. In situations like this, your mobile phone is one of the lifelines you have. This is why you should ensure there is sufficient charge on your device at all times. Most van dwellers use a mix of solar energy during the day and a power bank at night to maintain their device charge levels. Unless you’re a heavy mobile user, a full charge should carry you through the night.

Give Your Friends and Family Regular Location Updates 

If there’s one constant with van dwellers, it is that they never stay in one location for long.  As you follow the road to wherever it takes you, remember to let others know where you are. Unless your family has a GPS chip in your van, they’re relying on you solely to give them location updates. When friends and family are aware of your whereabouts, it is much easier to offer help in times of emergency. 

Have  a Tool For Self-Defense

The first defense when it comes to personal safety is you. Before the 911 call goes through and the police arrive, how can you keep the assailant at bay? You need to get tools for self-defense, depending on your location there will be various options available to you. Check what’s legal and arm yourself accordingly. 


Living on the road has its benefits, you get to explore new locations and cultures. It can turn out to be a wonderful experience if you research adequately before starting out. Fail to do this and you set yourself up for mishaps along the way.  We hope this article comes in handy as you begin your journey. 

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