The Faith Which Fuels A Nation

Within history class or lecture across the United States, rings out a particular statement: there is a separation between church and state. That although faith and trust come from the same place, they can be anything but intermixed. However, does this declaration remain true outside the walls of classrooms?

When it comes to the United States government and the Christian faith that has made it so, there is nothing but entanglement between the two. The U.S. government had been constructed to guide people to lead productive lives and instill good morals, and the Christian faith had been designed to do the same. How this faith’s intricacies have been laced into this supposed secular form of government, will be further explained down below!

A Commencement Through Seas

To understand its fix into the U.S. political structure at present, we first must take a look at the nation’s historical founding. 

Although America had not been founded as a Christian nation, it had been salvation to English pilgrims who wished to practice their faith, free from the prying eyes of the Church of England- a Christan church. And simply, had been stumbled upon by fortune to escape persecution. 

Once Christianity had been set in the minds of many either through conversion or passing of belief from century to century, the faith swiftly became of many contributions to events. One such contribution is the abolishment of slavery, which had been led by the preachings of many Christrian preachers, who dismantled the manipulative distortion of Bible verses that made slaves subservient. 

What had begun as a motivation to flee, had flourished to be one driving point within the changed land’s history.

Verses & Laws

The words that have laced the faith into the minds of many are the makeup and driving force of various laws of the land.

The Ten Commandments are echoed in the social expectations that the government promotes to its citizens; not to murder and not to steal, among others.

However, the scripture, which has been translated so many times and exposed to bias, has given a negative influence on legislation, recently seen with new laws in regards to abortions and sexuality.

American laws and Christian verses will never be able to dissociate, the faith’s influence forever present.

Passion Among Practice

The Christian holy book is more to some of the American people than a faith to practice and live by, it is the spark to ignite their passions. Influencing the laws and the motivations of plenty, as they cite Christianity as the reason behind their actions. Whether the actions are benevolent or heinous, their source is the same. 

Far From Separate

The separation between church and state in the United States is nonexistent. Christianity, despite not being the religion held by most of its settlers when they arrived, shaped the land as we know it and influences it to this very day. From the laws in place and created, to the actions of citizens.

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