Men’s Fashion: 3 Tips For Upgrading Your Wardrobe

Fashion is a subjective topic and has evolved throughout the years. While what we consider fashionable may differ according to your location and culture, there are a few things we can agree on. This brings us to our article today, Men’s Fashion

It doesn’t matter where the subject is located, most males tend to utilize the same clothes for general functions. Clothes such as suits, dress shirts, jeans, etc. The patterns and designs might differ, but it’s essentially the same cloth type. This makes it easy for anyone to find this article useful. 

Before we proceed, let us look at common mistakes men make with regard to their wardrobes. 

Too Much Jewelry

Let’s admit it: a little “bling” can transform an outfit from zero to hero, but how much is too much? If you’re concerned about making a good fashion statement, you might want to tone down the jewelry. A minimalistic approach is better and would allow you to shine.  

Wearing a Dress Shirt Untucked

Different, neutral colored dress shirts allow you to mix and match with your suits.

“Geez, who doesn’t know how to wear a dress shirt?” you might wonder. The answer might be you if care isn’t taken. You might have noticed dress shirts have one distinct feature, they have a longer tail. This is because they are meant to be tucked in. Trust us when we say it’s not a good look wearing an untucked dress shirt that goes below your crotch. 

Tips To Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Shopping for a man’s wardrobe upgrade can be a hassle. Below we will share some tips you will find useful.

Buy Suits in Different Colors

Next time you go shopping you should consider buying suits in different colors, at least four. The reason is simple: with the right color, you can combine most trousers with any blazer. The key lies in finding a dress shirt to compliment it. We recommend dress shirts in pink, white, blue and yellow. 

Suits in a variety of colors mean you’re prepared for any occasion.

A Good Shoe Makes an Outfit

It doesn’t matter how awesome the design of your new top is; with the wrong shoe, it’s all for nothing. The first thing most people notice when they meet anyone is their feet. This is why you should make sure your shoes are clean and presentable even if they’re not fancy. It beats the alternative of a nice shirt with awful shoes. Get one or two good shoes then continue shopping.

Avoid Clothes Sold in Sets

We’ve seen these types of outfits in most clothing shops. ”Pay less for more” is what is often advertised. It brings about the question, are you really saving money? Most likely you’d be left with clothing made of inferior material where you’re better off buying clothes sold as-is. The only thing you should buy in sets is underwear. 


The way you look as a man will often be the way you will be addressed. If you want to be seen as a mature male confident in yourself, it all starts with what you put on. We hope the tips in this article prove useful.

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