Welcome to Joe’s Writers’ Club 
Hosted by: (Ricky) Richard Andrew Olkusz 

Creative Workshopping 
Adaptive Bookcraft 

Our unique mission: To help writers explore their creative obsessions. We meet weekly to discuss all roads that our muses take us on, to reflect upon works that meander in the mind, and to share the writings that our busy schedules have allowed to develop.

 1) Creative Workshopping: When we read aloud to other creative thinkers, we learn confidence, courage, and practice presenting as if before potential publishers. This is done without “constructive criticism” but rather with encouragement and in a round table where positive feedback inspires. In other words, we share our impressions, and by drawing from our experience of the text, we compare how a fellow workshop member would write it if it were his/her own. Often, this method brings clarity to a project through real time observations, leading to the composition of project outlines. So, texts may be refined by the networking of creative minds. (It can be a really fun process!) Plus, it helps to curb fears and ease doubts about a project.

 2) Adaptive Bookcraft: Creative workshopping is as important to writing, as adaptive bookcraft is to publishing. With oversight and assessment, we help writers identify the medium that best highlights their talents. (Novels, Poetry, Scripts, etc) Once a talent outlet is established, we discuss a project’s form and explore it’s target audience. (Genre, Format, Platform, etc) Works of creativity that are made dear by long obsession need to be expressed to the masses and given the credit and compensation they rightfully deserve. Finally, we are here to support each other and empower one another to get projects underway. (Through crowdfunding, loans, and grants, etc).

 :Warning: We also gather to talk about: entertainment, mythology, pop culture, literature, history, and the mysteries of the cosmos. However, we do not discuss “hysteria culture” (religion, politics, ideology) – judgmental notions that cloud creativity or induce stress.

 In this day and age, the oceanic waters of media are stormy, but like never before, they offer a great deal of opportunity for self-driven individuals to publicize their intellectual property. Set forth with us to get your precious words and written creations out there for the world to enjoy.

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