A Shopping Day Trip Guide to the 3 Best Clothing Thrift Stores in Richmond VA

Ready for a day of clothes shopping in Richmond, VA and don’t want to bust your budget? Grab a cup of coffee from Whisk or Ironclad Coffee, and check out our shopping day trip guide to the three best clothing thrift stores in Richmond, Virginia.

1. Diversity Thrift

Why we love it: Wide selection of clothing for some of the most affordable second-hand clothing prices in Richmond, Virginia, and they also offer household items and furniture. Diversity Thrift is structured around support for the LGBTIQ+ community and has also overhauled its policies to provide updated fair wages to its employees. Ran by a Board of Directors, Diversity Thrift plans many community and fundraising events throughout the year, such as Diversity Bingo.

What we don’t like: Low lighting could make it difficult for those with mobility concerns to navigate the store, according to Google Reviews.

Visit diversitythrift.org to learn more, and find them on Facebook and Instagram.

2. The Clothes Rack

Why we love it: Diverse, reliable selection of fast fashion and name brands compared to other Carytown thrift stores, including the Carytown Goodwill. The Clothes Rack is run by the Junior League of Richmond and has been in business for 70 years. The Junior League also organizes the Little Black Dress Initiative and the Unstoppable Women Leadership Breakfast. In addition to community programs and partnerships, it also is held responsible by a community advisory board.

What we don’t like: It’s more of a preference, but one reviewer on Yelp noted that the store “smells like Grandma’s house.” That’s probably to be expected of a business open for 70 years.

Visit The Clothes Rack at jlrichmond.org, and you can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

3. Bonnie’s Boutique

Why we love it: Bonnie’s Boutique combines an upscale boutique shopping experience with affordable, second-hand finds. It classifies itself as a resale store in Virginia rather than a thrift store. From business to casual, you’re sure to find something at Bonnie’s—and if an item is a little loose, the store has a seamstress on hand to help you out.

What we don’t like: Located in Carytown, Bonnie’s is a gem on a busy street, but you better arrive early because parking can be difficult when shopping the strip on Cary St.

Visit Bonnie’s Boutique at bonnieboutiquerva.com to learn more, and keep up with their latest fashionable finds on Facebook and Instagram.

Thrift shopping for new-to-you clothes can feel a little overwhelming if you’re new to the idea, but the key is to look for quality fabrics without harsh stains or tears. Small mends can be made, and older fabrics can be far more durable than the fast fashion of today!

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