4 Reasons Why Van Life is Great

Living in a van; an experience that’s been accredited to hippies and those who are down on their luck in the worst way. You may have even heard someone say, “You want to live in a van when you grow up?” But maybe that doesn’t have to be the case. More and more, young, relatively responsible adults are taking to van life. Why not? It’s adventurous, can be cost-efficient, and works in our modern world.

Why Van Life is Practical, Fun, and Low-Maintenance

All throughout history, there have been people seeking out jobs that give them a sense of freedom. Sailors, pirates, explorers, conquerors, fishermen, shepherds, tradesmen, salesmen, and many others have taken jobs specifically because they let them travel and live an adventurous life. Today, with the advent of remote work and a number of technologies, there may be more of those jobs than ever. Couple that with fast-rising inflation, and it makes sense for young adults to consider van life. 

See New Places Every Day

In reality, you’ll probably stay in certain spots for a handful of days at a time, but theoretically, you could see a new place every day and watch the sunset somewhere different every night. If you want to see everything in nature, the van will certainly be a more intimate experience than traditional travel accommodations. If you’re wondering if that’s legal, there are sites that will tell you where it is

Low Cost of Living

With gas prices in flux, there’s some obvious variance to what your “utilities” and moving cost could be every month. A number of other factors including, what your van is equipped for and if you have any solar power could also come into play. However, whatever the cost of that would be, you could probably easily argue that the savings in rising rents and maintenance costs more than makes up for it. With a van you have less space and no other car to clean and maintain, no trash or lawn service fees, and less non-essential items you can fill it up with.

Never Having to Pack

Living in your van means adventure is right there and you can always be prepared since all your living needs are right there as well. Packing, getting the car ready, and stressing about accommodations at home or while you’re gone can all be obstacles to travel. The van life eliminates those obstacles.

Ultimate Flexibility

The main thing that van life has to offer is flexibility. Not only are you free in your movements, but cutting down your financial commitments while being a working professional can give you a chance to save and plot for your future. Whether it’s where you want to go or how you want to invest your money and build a stable foundation, you’ll be almost as flexible as possible while living the van life.

Don’t Let Perception Cut Off Your Road to the Good Life

It could be for the adventure, the savings, or the flexibility, but there are tons of good reasons to start living the van life. The old perception is outdated and short-sighted, the van life can be for anyone who wants to work towards something and have a little fun and if you’re in that camp, why not?

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