What’s Volkswagen Up To In 2022: Electric Vehicles & Rebirth of the Scout

Vroom Vroom

All of us have a Volkswagen story to tell—whether it be good, bad or ugly, it’s always memorable. The press has been fairly quiet about VW for some time now, so I did some research and uncovered a few projects they are working on for 2022/2023. 

Projects on VW’s Agenda

Project Trinity

This exciting project will deliver electric vehicle charging times that are said to be as fast as filling up your tank in a petrol car by 2026. One of the project’s main points is to reduce the weight of electric vehicles since this has been an ongoing obstacle. Herbert Diess, Volkswagen’s CEO, said: “Our business model is undergoing radical change – Volkswagen is being transformed from a traditional automotive manufacturer to a vertically integrated Group with strong brand groups and world-leading technology platforms.

International Scout Revival 

It is said that Volkswagen is reviving the Scout, the off-road machine that was originally introduced by International, the maker of International Harvester tractors and Farmall tractors. They are raising it from the dead and turning it into an off-road electric vehicle. Curious? As an owner of a 1976 Scout II, I am anxiously awaiting this development and hope they keep as much as possible like the original Ted Ornas design. The original Scout was very heavy so I’m betting they are trying to slim it down since it runs off electricity. Volkswagen adopted the Scout moniker when its Traton truck division took control of Navistar International, the descendant of International Harvester, in 2020. The first prototypes will be unveiled in 2023 and Volkswagen hopes to begin production in 2026. The Scout is being remade and will be sold in the United States. Volkswagen hopes to sell 250,000 per year. It will be interesting to see this unique take on a tried and true off road vehicle. What if your battery runs out in a remote area? 

Digital Cockpit

In 2022 Volkswagens will now have the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit on most models as well as the availability of IQ.DRIVE® driver assistance technologies. IQ.DRIVE® technology turns your vehicle into a radar machine with the  ultrasound sensors and a front camera to collect data from the areas surrounding your Volkswagen. This is on point with the added safety features that many vehicles have embraced recently. The Volkswagen Digital Cockpit with its high resolution screen can be customized to your settings, such as; travel speed, elevation, route guidance, and travel time. Volkswagen models are also embracing Apple CarPlay®, Android Auto™, a touchscreen display screen, Bluetooth® connectivity, and USB ports. Sounds like you’ll be able to plug in just about anything and collaborate your driving with the car itself.

The Future is Here

All these new and exciting features, touch screens and electric vehicles sound pretty good, but how will the machines compare with the old school Volkswagens? I personally feel that no matter what they do, nothing will ever compare to the original VW Vans and Beetles. Those machines were really great, and still are, because they were simple and easy to learn on mechanically. Now, it’s hard to even get to the engine or batteries on the vehicles. Sometimes less is more. I hope with their take on the Scout that they do not go crazy making it too futuristic. It was made like a tractor and that’s why we all loved it. 

Wrap Up

No matter how you feel about the future or Volkswagen, times are a changin’! I will always love Volkswagen and the Scout. I hope they don’t overdo it and end up with a ton of confusing and rather useless features nobody really likes or wants. Either way, I have always enjoyed their company and their vehicles. Stay tuned for more Volkswagen updates or follow here.

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