Meet the Personal Chef: How to Keep Your Guests Entertained & Your Hands Clean

As a person just entering adulthood, there are a few aspects of life that school doesn’t cover: taxes, healthcare, insurance, and, oddly enough, parties. You can have a college-style frat party with kegs, chips, and pizza rolls. However, events like children’s birthday parties, anniversaries, graduations, etc., are more difficult to traverse through. Details like decor, activities, and goodie bags can take up preparation time, leaving you with limited time to handle the most crucial aspect of a good party: the food. Food is the make or break of a good party, and trying to prep and cook everything can be extremely stressful. However, there is somebody you can hire to handle all the food: a personal chef! 

Self-Sufficiency or Self Sacrifice?

Although it may seem unreasonable, hiring a personal chef is no longer restricted to the rich and famous. Plenty of chefs offer their services at a realistic price, with the average being 40 dollars for a three-course meal. You can even book one online. If you’re thinking, well, I can cook everything by myself! So what do I need a personal chef for? Here’s the thing, you don’t have to hire them permanently to cook for you every meal. Still, a private chef can custom make a menu for you and your guests, have much more experience cooking food for a crowd and allows you to focus on entertaining and mingling. 

Anti-Gluten-Egg-Peanut-Only Sustainably Sourced Headache?

Your sister’s family is all vegan, gluten-free, and paleo? Your brother’s kid is allergic to eggs and milk? Instead of you researching hours online trying to find recipes and spending money on ingredients that you’ll never touch again, hire a personal chef. If they’re given notice of a guest’s dietary restrictions, they can make accommodations to ensure that people are fed and happy. Not to mention, if you have food preferences like wanting all non-GMO, organic, and healthy food, a personal chef can accommodate that as well!

Personal chefs also are much more experienced in cooking for a crowd. Yeah, you can make a good Thanksgiving spread, but do you want that Thanksgiving dinner pressure? Making sure that the food is all coming out hot and on time can be tricky since smaller bites can cool down and dry out faster than you can finish your entrees. However, a personal chef is usually hired for families or events, so they are more experienced at ensuring that food is served fresh. They are also better at measuring ingredients, which means less food waste! And for the guests that like the live cooking aspect, they are free to watch as these personal chefs create a fantastic meal in front of them. 

Don’t Worry About Cleaning Up

The best part about hiring a personal chef? You get to enjoy your event! You’re not worried about your mashed potatoes turning into glue or spilling sauce on your favorite pants. You don’t even have to worry about cleaning up since most personal chefs will clean for you! You’ll be hands-off and able to talk to your guests instead of being stuck in the kitchen. Even though it comes at an expense, sometimes it is nice to splurge on a well-cooked meal, a clean kitchen, and happy guests. Bon Appetit!

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