9 Kitchen Backsplash Trends to Avoid

Designs and trends are essential factors that every homeowner should consider, and with a kitchen as the heart of the household, it should be elegant. Creative and innovative trends evoke a style that combines aesthetics and functionality. The end result is that decorating your own space creates an efficient and sustainable environment that stimulates energy.

Cooking and dining spaces should reflect practicality and functionality while being stylish and up to date. An excellent kitchen backsplash helps you create your dream kitchen space and provides an exquisite aesthetic depth while protecting your space. Additionally, it should simplify the cleaning process while giving value to your kitchen.

Kitchen fixtures and fittings may be expensive, and embracing the design trend that suits your preference and budget is necessary. Backsplash trends are changing, and opting for classics can be a game-changer. You might wonder which kitchen trends to avoid while ensuring your space stays modern. So, which kitchen backsplash trends should you avoid? Find out below.

1.  All White Backsplash

White always has a place in the kitchen, and an all-white backsplash gives a bright and sleek look. On the contrary, having your counters, cabinets, units, and backsplash all white alongside white appliances can be diminishing. Besides being plain and soulless, a white backsplash can be difficult to clean thoroughly. Homeowners now desire bold and relaxing accents that blend well with the kitchen.

Image Credit: Collov Home Design, Unsplash

It is necessary to add a little color that reflects the warm tone of your kitchen. Substitute your all-white backsplash with a comfy and more colorful tone to brighten it up and make it more inviting. It could be a distinct palette with wood, warm, playful hues, or stone accessories that ensures your space remains contemporary while complementing the rest of your home.

2.  Matching Countertops and Appliances

Matching tones are great; however, exaggerating your countertop does not allow you to explore your style. Backsplashes offer an incredible balance to your countertops, alongside quality appliances that can last to complement the style of your home. Plain countertops make your space empty, while busy countertops can be untidy.

A colorful appliance is an investment that impacts your kitchen color ideas. It reflects a personality that dictates your kitchen’s design and creates an eclectic look that hides your appliances behind the countertop. Matching countertops and appliances can be expensive to replace, so it is practical to consider a budget-conscious alternative.

3.  Open Concept Kitchen

The open layout concept has become more popular in the interior design trends for kitchens and other home spaces. However, the latest trends for a modern kitchen aim to create sections that are easy to work on, like kitchen tables and islands. Homeowners are now separating their cooking stations from entertainment points, so they can relax and dine in specific areas.

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Consider zoning your space into specific areas that enable the easy and efficient organization and storage of items. Use room dividers and glass partitions to have your plan schemes in bits while keeping a sense of openness, privacy, and quietness.

4.  Basic Tile Layout

Tile layout trends have been there for the past years, and they are now becoming popular in giving an industrial and modern look to the kitchen. They are less expensive than other countertop surfaces and offer a simple and elegant style. Besides being tough to clean and maintain due to grout, they are also becoming exhausting due to their endless popularity.

There are vast design options featuring patterns, colors, designs, and shapes that can still make the basic tile layout unique and attractive. If you are an enthusiast of such style, consider a quirky overlay with a distinctive tile layout. Create a kitchen backsplash that makes your kitchen space look massive.

5.  Painted Walls

It is acceptable to paint your backsplash, considering your taste and preference. However, the paint might fade over time, even in ideal locations. Be sure to use quality paint that is waterproof and greaseproof to avoid painting your kitchen frequently. Such is economical, as it will save you a few bucks while ensuring your kitchen remains appealing.

6.  Rustic Wood

Rustic wood gives a naturally beautiful appeal and provides a fantastic design that is eccentric and durable. Over time, it ages, and it may blemish, tire, break and warp in hot and damp areas of the kitchen if not appropriately maintained. While rustic wood is going out of fashion, individuals are now infusing their spaces to reflect their personalities.

Rustic kitchens offer an outdoorsy cozy aesthetic; however, the traditional rustic style is now losing the popularity it once had. Rustic design may look simple, but rustic wood needs good maintenance and should be regularly cleaned with special products. To ensure your kitchen remains modern, you can blend the traditional style with new, more functional designs.

7.  Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a classic material that blends well with modern styles. However, it gives your kitchen a professional restaurant look that may be unattractive. Stainless steel can be challenging to keep spotless, so you should ensure it sparkles without looking dirty and greasy.

You can use alternative metals on your kitchen surfaces that are appealing and easy to maintain. Go for slim and sleek options, which are pretty simple and inexpensive. Such ensures a modern kitchen and offers a great impression.

8.  Tile Countertops

Tile countertops can be cool, and due to their versatility and affordability, they can be put in numerous designs. They also create a seamless look from various shapes and design patterns that one can come up with. Also, their value and ability to last a lifetime make them attractive.

On the contrary, tile countertops can be hectic to maintain. Cleaning grout on surfaces can be tricky since grout stains easily and is a porous material that absorbs liquids that can cause bacteria. Additionally, tiles can chip and break easily if they undergo pressure or banging from objects; thus, they require frequent sealing.

9.  Open Shelving

Open shelving is a favorite for most homeowners due to its stylish design, and looks good if kept neat and pristine. However, it might not be for the long term. Its application should be fashionable and elegant to avoid impractical design features. Avoid big open shelves as they might collect dust and grease that might leave a mess that is frustrating to clean.

Image Credit: Homedit

Cabinets with doors offer privacy and hide numerous messy accumulations and clutter on display. However, if you still want to display your kitchenware, consider glass door cabinetry or a creative design that keeps everything in place.


If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, figure out the ideal appearance within your budget you would like.

It might be hard to predict how long a kitchen trend may last, making it tricky to decide on the design that best complements your kitchen space. Go for materials that ensure your kitchen remains current while maintaining a timeless aesthetic that reflects boldness and elegance.

Design fads come and go, and understanding the current kitchen trends allows you to create a cooking space that you will love for years. A functional and timeless kitchen backsplash should never be dull or ugly but should look incredible and up to date. To avoid the abovementioned trends, consider attractive trends that portray uniformity and work well with your kitchen design.

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