Michael Gary Wirth

Hailing from central New Jersey, Michael Gary Wirth has always had a penchant for the film industry. From a young age, he devoured any movie he could, from Citizen Kane to Ghostbusters. When asked in high school to choose a major, Michael settled on Electronic Filmmaking at New Jersey’s Fairleigh Dickinson University.

In pursuit of financial stability, Michael received a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications. With the realization that his passion didn’t lie in graphic arts but in writing instead, Michael set out to write his first full-length novel, The Non-Linear Flow of the Universal Tides. After finishing its sequel, The Relentless Pursuit of the Cosmic Awareness, Michael followed up with the techno-detective-noir mystery Imperfect Recall.

With three full-length novels completed, Michael returned to his original passion: movies and filmmaking and collaborated with director Louie Cortes to co-write a short film, “Eve.” Currently being solicited to film festivals, a teaser trailer for “Eve” is available on Vimeo.

Michael dabbled in online journalism, writing for outlets like Sub-Cultured.com and ComicBooked.com. In his articles, Michael wrote reviews for movies, books and comic books as well as tidbits of breaking news for the discerning geek.

When he isn’t searching for a new plot, navigating bowling-alley-dimensions or helping to solve the mystery of a billionaire-tech-genius’ death, Michael enjoys traveling with his beautiful wife, Lauren. The countries they’ve visited and the exciting adventures they’ve shared have expanded his mind and enriched his writing.

He also has a cat.